COPR Preparatory Tests

COPR Preparatory Tests

Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators (COPR) Preparatory Test Site

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Upgrades to the PCP and ACP prep tests will be ready in 2018.

Dear Preparatory Test User

COPR is pleased to offer these online preparatory tests. The content is confidential and is not to be copied or discussed with any other person or used for any reason other than as an online knowledge/preparatory exam. The aim of the tests is to help candidates become familiar with the format of the questions and provide an indication of preparedness for the actual COPR Entry to Practice Examination. They are designed to simulate the format of the actual exams on a smaller scale as they each contain 60 multiple-choice, single-answer questions. In addition, all tests use the same software platform that candidates will find on the COPR Entry to Practice Exam.

Completing these preparatory tests does not result in certification in any way. Furthermore, these instruments are for online preparatory purposes only. If you need to leave the preparatory tests at any time without finishing, simply close your browser and log back in when ready to continue. However, please note, once you click “finish” you will be unable to reenter the test.

As you view your score report at the end of a test, you will be able to compare your answers to the correct response for any question answered incorrectly. These tests can therefore be used to identify areas in which further study might be needed and should be a good indicator of your level of preparedness. However, performance on the test will not predict whether you will pass the COPR Entry to Practice Exam. Please note, all test scores and answers will remain confidential.

Thank you for your interest in COPR’s Examinations. We wish you the best of luck on these preparatory tests and on the COPR Entry to Practice Examination.

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